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Polytek Kryolan Platsil Gel-10 (2x500g Part A and Part B)

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ML-Platsil Gel 10KIT 1KG

PlatSil Gel-10
This is the Silicone system used by the worlds top Prosthetic technician, It has been used on recent most of the recent oscar nominated films and has seen success in movies such as The Iron Lady, and Harry potter, lord of the rings, and Benjamin Button, Pans Labrinth, and so on and on.

It delivers the flesh like results unlike any other silicone product, it is quick easy to use has a nutreul translucent colour and when mixed with mouldlife skin pigments a skin tone and flesh like movement can be created.

Platsil Gel 10 is a relatively inexpensive system that can create the most amazing makeup results.

The system:
1A:1B (by weight or volume) platinum-cured silicone systems with 6-minute working and 30-minute demold time. PlatSil Gel10 cures to a Shore A10 hardness, But remember to create prosthetic parts you need to add the Smiths deadener to achieve the gel status.

Use PlatSil Gels as mold rubbers, to create prosthetic appliances. We offer an array of accessory products that can be used independently or in conjunction with to increase working time; accelerate cure time; thicken the mix for brushing/layering; thin the mix for easier pouring or for softening; or "deaden" the rubber to soften and eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers.


* Soft, translucent, silicone rubbers

* Add "Deadener" to create ultra-realistic prosthetic appliances

* Fast 30-minute demold with 6-minute working time

* PlatSil 71R Retarder slows the cure

* PlatSil 71/73X Accelerator speeds the cure

* PlatThix thickens the mix to a brushable paste

* Bonds to Poly Plastics

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