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Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 65

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This issue is actually sold out in the US but we still have some get one while you still can.

This issue Features

T2: Make-up Trailer on Steroids by Elizabeth Grattan

Oscar winner Jeff Dawn unveils his second make-up trailer an artist's dream that is even bigger and better than his first. We elbow our way past a long line to get a look inside Dawn's "monstorus behemouth of technology."

Life on Girth by Ron Magid

Rick Baker and Cinovation reunite with Eddie Murphy to create the comedian's multiple characters in Norbit. Baker juggles a 400-pound body double and an irreversible decision to use foam instead of silicone. Mr. Wong steals the show.

Air Essentials: Reduxby Bradley M. Look

In this follow-up to our popular airbrushing story from Issue 44 we look at new airbrush make-up lines the best compressors and what everyone who wields an airbrush should know.

A Spectacular IMATS London by Joe Nazzaro

A report from one of the best International Make-Up Artist Trade Shows ever: Christine Blundell explains the rigors of the glamorous life; Howard Berger calls Stan Winston's house; and the Pan's Labyrinth Pale Man gets stopped by airport security.

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