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Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 58

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This issue Features

Oscars Watch 2005 by Joe Nazzaro

We look at six films from 2005 that are generating make-up Oscars buzz: Star Wars Episode III Sin City Cinderella Man Walk the Line The Chronicles of Narnia and Memoirs of a Geisha. There is a wide range of work to consider: sci-fi looks characters from graphic novels boxing bruises period and likeness make-ups and fantastical creatures. The artists discuss the challenges and successes of their work on these films.

The Return of the King by Ron Magid

For his remake of King Kong Peter Jackson called upon his Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings team to do make-up and effects. We hear about the decision-making behind the designs such as what inspired Kong's snaggletooth how the imposing ape almost had pink mottling on his nose and why actress Naomi Watts doesn't sport 1930s arched eyebrows. We learn about Weta Workshop and Weta Digital's integration of the physical Kong with the CG version. And we share with you Weta's fantastic photos of the techniques used to turn extras into Skull Island natives.

Daniel Sandler by Janet Flora

Fashion make-up artist Daniel Sandler will be sharing tips and theories when he speaks at the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in London this January. The Brit says beige gray and brown eye shadows (three shades of each) are enough for an entire career. He's developed his "keep it simple" approach over 20 years of runway print and celebrity work. Sandler is now launching his own cosmetics line at Harrod's and coincidentally it all began at age 17 when he met fashion icon Mary Quant at that same store. Take a look at lush photos of his trendsetting make-up.

Rick Baker and ZBrush: A monstermaker's holiday by Ron Magid

What does a renowned monstermaker do for fun? Rick Baker plays with ZBrush. "It's very intuitive for sculpting. I was doing ZBrush every day - I was obsessed" he says. When Baker started posting his work online anonymously there was quite a response. He answers our questions about creating 3D portraits with the software. We include a gallery of some of his best ZBrush work.

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