Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 54

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This issue Features

Make-Up From Around the World by Elizabeth Johnston 

Fasten your seat belts. Get ready to depart for our latest installment of Make-Up From Around the World. In this issue we travel to Germany Israel France Sweden Denmark Canada Spain and The Netherlands to peek in on make-up artists abroad. Some of the eight make-up artists featured are just getting started in their careers while others are hardened veterans. We hope you enjoy the tour.

Scott Andrew by Janet Flora 

All eyes were on Hilary Swank on Oscar® night when she took home the Best Actress award for her role in Million Dollar Baby. But garnering as much attention as her award was her stunning presence accentuated by her floor-length gown and her radiant make-up created by Scott Andrew celebrity make-up artist. We follow Andrew's path to success from his artistic upbringing to his career-start at Vince Malardi’s Alcone store in New York.

Sin City by Joe Nazzaro 

Sin City set a new standard in movie-making. Filmed in front of a green screen and in color the film was then presented in black-and-white with dazzling accents of color. This created an unusual challenge for make-up artist Greg Nicotero and his make-up team. This use of color combined with creating the distorted characters in the Frank Miller comic book-based film was an unusual undertaking with stunning results.

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