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Jean d'Arcel Redness Relief Fluid

Calming fluid that quickly relieves irritated sensitive skin.

A gentle fluid that immediately relieves irritations and skin redness. With award winning active ingredients that alleviate hypersensitive stressed skin that suffers from redness, skin irritations and stress symptoms.

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The Redness relief fluid quickly soothes skin redness and irritations while protecting from harmful external influences for a balanced and calm complexion. With award winning active ingredients like Neuromed and Glycoin®Natural anti-stress extract that reduces skin irritation, redness and improves the skin tone and stimulates cell vitality. It provides protection enhancing the skin's resilience, improving moisture and elasticity. Enriched with Boswella Acid, an anti-inflammatory active ingredient that has a soothing effect on the skin to quickly reduce skin irritations, itchiness and redness. This highly moisturizing fluid combats free radicals while it restores the acid mantle increasing the skin's resilience.

Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin prone to redness and skin irritations.

Application tips

1. Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle cleanser.

2. Apply the Redness Relief fluid to the face.

3. According to your skin type apply the Anti-stress cream for normal skin types or the Anti-stress Cream Rich for dry to very dry skin.


• Anti-aging and anti-irritant properties.

• Enhances the skin's resilience and elasticity.

• Restores a healthy acid mantle while it combats free radicals.

• Studies show an immediate reduction in skin redness, pain and irritation after application.

• Award winning active ingredient, Glycoin®Natural, enhances the skin's resilience and improves moisture levels and elasticity.

• Award winning active ingredient Neuromed activates the release of a natural calming neuropeptide, helping skin to calm down irritations and fight against its own neurogenic redness.

• Boswellia Acid acts as an anti-inflammatory with an incredible soothing effect that effectively reduces redness, irritations and itchy skin. Suitable for skin disorders such as eczema, and psoriasis.

*in vitro testing

Product size

• 30ml

Free from: Parfumes, Mineral oil based raw materials, Silicone, PEGs or parabens.


Neuromed Extract, Boswellia Acid from Olibanum Extract, Glycoin® Natural, Allantoin, Betaine®, Alpha-Bisabolol, Amaranth Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil

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