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Jean d'Arcel Caviar DNA Essential

Energy, vitality and firmness for tired, stressed skin

Anti-aging and firming elixir that restores photo-aged,
tired and stressed skin.

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The ultimate Caviar DNA essential restores lost energy and vitality to your skin. Thanks to its unique combination of Caviar extract, Spring sea water and the highly-effective Cell booster- the natural retinol for the skin. This concentration of active ingredients intensively stimulates the revitalization process. DNA essential firms the skin restoring elasticity while it intensively strengthens the skin structure. The complexion is more radiant and youthful.

Application tips

Recommended to be applied at night during skin regeneration that will enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

1. Gently cleanse and tone the skin.

2. Shake the ampoule well before application.

3. Apply the contents to the face, neck and decolletage massaging gently until absorbed.

4. Continue with your regular skincare regime.

• DNA Essential can be used as an intense 7day treatment to restore the skin or as a weekly treatment to maintain skin hydration.


• Easy to use treatment.

• Glowing skin with radiance.

• Skin is supple, soft and moisture balance is improved.

• Restores photo-aged skin improving overall skin appearance.

• Alfafa extract is rich in antioxidants to deeply nourish and detoxify the skin.

• Caviar Extract stimulates the regeneration of collagen I, collagen III and fibronectin.

• Caviar Extract from salmon caviar contains high percentage of essential amino acids, necessary for nutrition of skin cells.

• Spring sea water sourced from the 'granite-rose' coast in France stimulates the lipids in the epidermis that strengthen the skin structure and the moisture regulation.

• Cell booster is a natural retinol obtained from the alfa-alfa tree that plumps and firms the skin, boosts the production of collagen and elastin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Product size

• 7 x 2ml

Active Ingredients

Caviar Extract, Spring Sea Water, Cell Booster, Alfafa Extract.

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