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Angle Eye Shadow Brush

Make even the trickiest of looks a breeze.

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This angled brush makes even the trickiest of looks a breeze! Precisely build up colour across the eye, smoke out your lash line or create a defined cut crease.

How to use:

Lightly dip or swirl the brush in to your desired product. Tap off the excess and gently deposit the colour, slowly building intensity until your desired look is achieved

Synthetic Fibres

Cleaning your brushes:

  1. Wet your brush fibres with warm water, always keeping the brush angled down (we don’t want any water getting into the ferrule).
  2. Swirl the brush over your favourite brush soap and then a brush cleaning pad.
  3. Rinse the soap out with more warm water. Repeat the process until the water runs clean.
  4. Dab the brush head carefully with a cloth and return it to its original shape.
  5. Now let the brush dry, laying flat at room temperature
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