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Luxurious textures based on an innovative anti-aging technology with double power, which starts a natural lifting effect in all skin layers and is used to prevent the skin from "burn out". Changes in the cell nucleus and in the mitochondria, the cell’s power plants, are crucial for the aging process. The new active ingredient system helps to activate cell communication as well as the cells’ longevity protein and promotes the formation of collagen and elastin. As a result, it not only protects skin against aggressive environmental influences but also has a smoothing and restructuring effect from the inside out, like a "fountain of youth".

Miratense - Anti-Aging Skin Care

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  1. Jean d'Arcel Soft Foam Cleanser
    Luxurious, light cleansing cream which forms a soft and soap-free foam. Pampers the complexion, lending it well-being... Learn More
  2. Jean d'Arcel Softening Lotion
    Gentle, non-alcoholic lotion for the completion of the cleaning ritual. Your skin will be moistened and purified... Learn More
  3. Jean d'Arcel Facial Redefiner
    High-luxurious skin care-lifting as modern night and day care has an extensive effect against all symptoms of early... Learn More
  4. Jean d'Arcel Daytime Shield
    Day care with SPF 15 which corrects wrinkles and re-structures. The luxurious cream protects the skin against... Learn More
  5. Jean d'Arcel Overnight Repair
    Regenerating anti-aging cream with "Overnight Repair Complex". This precious, luxurious night care stimulates cell... Learn More
  6. Jean d'Arcel Eye & Lip Zone Lift
    The luxurious care reduces fine lines and mimic wrinkles of the area around the eyes and the lips. It provides the skin... Learn More
  7. Jean d'Arcel Advanced Face Lift
    The anti-wrinkle-serum assists in the regeneration of the skin intensively. The highly concentrated formula helps to... Learn More
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