Multibalance Anti-aging


Anti-aging medical professionals are convinced that the aging process is a consequence of deficiencies. Plant-based phytohormones counteract this phenomenon in a natural way. JEAN D’ARCEL extracts so-called isoflavones from the root of the iris. They stimulate collagen and elastin production and rebuild the skin’s barrier while protecting it against losing water at the same time. multibalance® balances the deficiencies of aging skin to increase tone and elasticity, stimulate cell renewal and slow down the reduction in supportive and connective tissue.
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  1. Jean d'Arcel Mild Gel Cleanser
    Foaming cleansing gel. For thorough and quick removal of all make-up, including eye make-up. mild gel cleanser leaves... Learn More
  2. Jean d'Arcel Refreshing Lotion
    Refreshing, alcohol-free facial lotion. Soothes, moisturizes and leaves the skin wonderfully soft. Contains calendula... Learn More
  3. Jean d'Arcel Deep Moisture Lift
    Deep moisture lift offers intensive 24h moisture care based on state-of-the-art anti-ageing research. The skin is... Learn More
  4. Jean d'Arcel Deep Moisture Lift Rich
    Deep moisture lift rich offers particularly rich, intensive 24h moisture care based on state-of-the-art anti-ageing... Learn More
  5. Jean d'Arcel No Age Serum
    No age serum is a perfect anti-ageing lifting serum for correcting signs of ageing, particularly in the case of shiny... Learn More
  6. Jean d'Arcel Neck Firming Care
    Optimal care for a beautiful neck and well-looked after neckline. This wonderful combination of select active... Learn More
  7. Jean d'Arcel Lifting Eye Care
    Lifting eye care is a deep-acting, revitalising eye cream for combating visible signs of ageing. This gently flowing... Learn More
  8. Jean d'Arcel Lifting Eye Gel
    Lifting eye gel cares for and beautifies the tender area around the eyes. Signs of fatigue are combated, rings around... Learn More
  9. Jean d'Arcel Triple Action Hand Cream
    This perfect, extraordinary hand care is tailored to meet the special requirements of demanding, highly-stressed skin,... Learn More
  10. Jean d'Arcel Quick Lifting Fluid
    This silky-soft anti-wrinkle lotion is as smooth as a cream and as powerful as a concentrate. This highly effective,... Learn More
  11. Jean d'Arcel Express Eye Lift
    This soft gel-cream includes bioflavonoids, highly effective antioxidants and moisturizers to visibly rejuvenate the... Learn More
  12. Jean d'Arcel Lift Repair Mask
    Anti-ageing cream mask; a luxurious wellness programme. Lines and creases in the face and on the neck, hands and... Learn More
  13. Jean d'Arcel Total Face Lift
    Perfectly balanced, concentrated combination of active anti-ageing substances with immediate effect for limp, tired... Learn More
  14. Jean d'Arcel Age Delay System
    Exclusive, unique anti-ageing repair concentrate for dry skin to balance tired and stressed conditions because it... Learn More
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