Diploma of Screen & Media - Essential SFX Kit

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This kit is used for the Dipolma of Screen and Media course at various makeup schools throughout Australia.

Kit Contents

1) Pro Shield
2) FXWax 15ml
3) Thin Latex 100ml
4) Thick Latex 200cc
5) Spirit Gum 12ml
6) Sealer 15ml
7) FX Blood in Dark 100ml
8) Fresh Scratch 15mI
9) 6 Wheel in Burn and Injury
10) 6 Wheel in Bruise
11) MME 100ml
12) Artex
13) Body Illustrator Alcohol Palette FX
14) lsopropyl Alcohol 100ml
15) Makeup Wedges
16) Black Stipple Sponge
17) Mixing Palette
18) Mixing Spatula

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